Poached pears breakfast

Tired of all those boring breakfast times, when two fried eggs and one slice of bread were your breakfast partners? Would you like to try a nice, delicious, healthy, rustic breakfast. If yes is your answer, then let’s start. This one is not that quick, yet it’s pretty simple. First thing first, get some water with sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg (and other essences or aromatic herbs of your choice) to the boiling point while the pears are having a bath in this water. The fruits should be almost submerged in that hot water. Use some kind of soup pot, not too small nor too big or tall, actually it depends on how many pears would you like to poach. The poached fruits are ready to be taken out when they are softened and soaked in all those flavours. If you are on the wild side, you can also use red wine instead of water with sugar.

Plating time. My choice for the base was greek yogurt, but you can choose whatever yogurt, normal or plant based, it depends on your believes and opinions. Then I’ve added 2 big spoons of granola (oats, buckwheat, other cereals and seeds and coconut flakes) and on top of them our stars, those juicy poached pears. And this is it, pretty easy yet good looking, amirite?

INGREDIENTS//pears, greek yogurt, granola/musli/mixed cereals and seeds, coconut sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, water, dried mint flowers, rum essence.

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